Initiated by HRoot, the largest human resource media company in China, HR Service Innovation Awards are dedicated to the recognition of the most innovative technologies, products, services and solutions in HR service industry, aimed at exhibiting the value of innovation and encouraging all kinds of innovations in order to establish itself as the weather vane for HR innovations.
Under the stewardship of HRoot which recognizes the necessity to discover and reward innovative forces and outcomes – products and services of tomorrow, the Awards is growing into the largest and most prestigious HR related innovation awards in the world.
A superb platform was thus created by the Awards to embrace innovative projects from various organizations from businesses to government agencies as HRoot firmly believes that innovations should be judged with an open and unbiased mind.

Independent Assessment
with Fairness
To live out our belief, the Awards will, without knowing the background information of the participants, assess all projects, and bestow the awards to those who are eligible for the Best of the Year's HR service innovation.
The rise of new technologies and business models has led to a dramatic change in the way of communication and work, posing great challenges to human resources management.
  • NewTechnologies
  • NewServices
  • NewProducts
  • NewSolutions
To address the new issues and situations arising out of HR management, the innovative HR service providers have launched a series of new technologies, services, products and solutions to enable more efficient and intelligent HRM based on innovative technologies, service and business models.
Innovation has injected new impetus to a new round of leapfrog development in HR service industry. However, the innovation journey is a lonely one, all too often devoid of due respect and encouragement from the external world.
“Innovate or perish”,
Bill Saporito once said, “Nothing disappears faster than success especially in the technology-driven industry.” It is also true of HR service industry.
2017 HR Service Awards are aimed at
  • Discover Innovation
  • Present Innovation
  • Explore Innovation
to call for more attention and encouragement for the HR service industry.