To ensure the completeness of information and fairness and validity, all submitted projects, including HR-related technologies, products, services, solutions etc., should provide the relevant information or supporting documents as shown below:
  • All participants must submit the Application Form of 2017 HR Service Innovation Awards, which is available at the official website of this Awards; after filling in the form, send it to, with the email subject of “Application Form of 2017 HR Service Innovation Awards – name of enterprise – name of project”;
  • Indicate the standard name, product prototype, and the link for product demonstration, if any;
  • Provide copies of intellectual property certificates, patent documents or any other similar materials, if any;
  • Provide the certification material, such as the copy of award certificate and HD photo of trophy, if the project has already won any award from a third party;
  • Provide feedback of users or related data and explanation, if any.

Note: You do not have to fill in or indicate in the Application Form regarding the contents mentioned in the above Item 2, 3, 4 and 5, but should send such materials or information together with the Application Form as attachment by way of compressed folder with a clear title, e.g. name of enterprise – name of project – profile of project.