the impact and disruptive force of the innovation
The impact and disruptive force of the innovation compared with HR products, technologies, services and solutions of the similar type, ie. novelty, uniqueness, out-of-the-box thinking, advancedness, etc.
the ability to inspire new ideas for HRM
How the innovation inspires, boosts and influences operation development, strategic transformation, reform seeking and innovative thinking of the HR sector.
the significance of the innovation to solving new challenges faced by HRM
In a new era and business environment, how valuable and significant the innovation is in addressing the new issues and challenges confronted by HRM.
the potential value of the innovation or a third party’s valuation
The valuation of a third party of the innovation, or the potential value of the innovation to HR services, for example, the number of customers/users, or the growth rate of the number of customers/users in the past 6 months, etc.
Time span
the time span of the open test or market launch
The innovation project should be initiated or researched & developed after January of 2016, and should be running open test or officially launched and put into use.